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Choose our full-service, weekly grounds management service, a program based on our proven horticultural calendar. Take a look at this monthís schedule to see the services our maintenance customers will receive.

We rely on an Integrated Pest Management program. By selecting the right plants, performing routine maintenance, and monitoring potential problem areas, we can prevent pest and disease infestations. We also brighten up your landscape year-round with installation of summer and fall/winter annual flowers and springtime bulb displays.

Very often, we provide additional services, including:

  • Irrigation system maintenance/troubleshooting
  • Policing of your landscape for safety hazards or other potential concerns
  • Snow removal and storm cleanup
For our residential customers that are not interested in more than a weekly mowing service, our Horticultural Package is available. This maintenance plan includes Integrated Pest Management, mulch, winter and summer pruning, tree/shrub fertilization, floriculture, and a comprehensive turf program (includes aeration, fertilization, and seeding).


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Q: I donít want the shrubs in front of my business butchered with electric pruning shears. Will you take the time to hand-prune?

A: Yes. We can hand-prune to selectively remove branches from a tree or shrub in a way that agrees with the overall natural shape of the plant.


Q: Iím a small business owner, and Iím wondering if your services might help me prevent potential lawsuits?

A: When you become a maintenance customer, we keep a close eye on potential problems, and submit written reports when we find something you should know about. For example, removing a diseased tree from a parking lot area may prevent it from falling on a car. Think of our services as grounds management, not just grounds maintenance; we help manage your property for you.


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