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We’re not the kind of company that gives you a low bid, just to win the project, then charges you for every additional service or product. When we price a job, our quote includes:

  • The costs associated with proper soil work
  • Soil amendments and products
  • The equipment time required to do any excavation or soil preparation
Our Landscape Operations Manager has years of experience in the management of landscape installations. We work, first and foremost, to ensure that your project stays on track and within budget. But we also stress the importance of attending safety meetings, keeping the job site clean, and cooperating with other subcontractors.

Once your landscape project is complete, we’ll be here to follow up with you as your new landscape establishes. Because we’re local, we check in on your property frequently for the first six months, just to make sure your new plants are thriving. Our trees and shrubs are guaranteed for a full year after installation. If a warranteed plant needs to be replaced, we’ll take care of it at no cost to you.


Request a Quote
Need to make landscape improvements? Get help with next year’s budgeting? Enlist a competitive bid? Use our online form to request a quote.


Q: I’ve found a landscape architect that I really like. Can you work with her even though she hasn’t worked with your company before?

A: Absolutely. We value the authority of plans drawn by licensed landscape architects. We like to work cooperatively with landscape architects, lending our time, experience, and advice to their plans. For projects involving issues such as site planning, sewage plans, encroachment agreements, and handicapped access, pulling in a landscape architect is essential.


Q: I want to plant a row of small trees along the edge of my property to buffer my business from the highway. Can you take care of this for me without bringing in a landscape architect?

A: Yes. For jobs such as the one you’ve described, we can install plants to appropriately meet your needs. If you need any help deciding which plants will work best for your property, our horticulturist can explain viable options.


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