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Our clients regularly request landscape enhancements to add value to their property and to solve landscape problems. We help you find solutions within your budget that resolve your landscaping concerns. We’ve worked with all kinds of commercial landscape problems, including:

  • Removing overgrown shrubs to add greater security
  • Replacing diseased trees and defining new planting beds to renovate an aged landscape
  • Installing showy annuals and a tidy groundcover by a company’s sign for better marketing
  • Solving erosion concerns, foot traffic problems, or limited accessibility to make an area more serviceable
For residential customers, or those trying to sell a home, landscape enhancements can give your home a quick, affordable facelift by:
  • Replacing tired, overgrown foundation plantings and diseased trees with a healthy, attractive shrub border and flowering accent trees
  • Implementing an irrigation system and turf renovation program to significantly boost the appeal of your landscape
  • Adding decorative hardscape such as brick pathways or retaining walls to dramatically increase the perceived value of your home


Request a Quote
Need to make landscape improvements? Get help with next year’s budgeting? Enlist a competitive bid? Use our online form to request a quote.


Q: I’m in the process of creating next year’s budget. I know it needs to include the cost of maintaining and enhancing our landscape, but I’m not sure where to start. Can you help?

A: We often work with our clients to help them with their upcoming budgets, and we’d be happy to assist you. We can provide all the numbers you need, including landscape enhancement and renovation budgets. And we’ll give it to you in a spreadsheet, so you can easily plug it in to your budgeting system.


Q: We have competitor properties all around us, and we need our entrance to direct our customers to our buildings. What can you do to add curb appeal to our entrance?

A: Our in-house services can offer a few sketched options for your consideration. Then, we can develop a design that meets your budget. Removing aged or overgrown plant material, properly preparing the soil, and adding handsome trees, appropriately scaled shrubs, and healthy turf and flowers can give your buildings that competitive edge you need.


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